Saturday, February 5, 2011

Toto, we are not in Florida anymore! or there's no place like home!

We took an extended vacation in Florida and North Carolina. I say extended because I had booked a condo for 2 weeks, when we got there it was so nice that Mr. Wonderful and his mother conned talked me into taking another week. Mr. Wonderful and I were homesick after week 2!
    When we left Florida finally we stopped at Mr. Wonderful's sisters in North Carolina. His sister,Jane came with her son, daughter and grandson to visit. We had a wonderful visit! That little guy was adorable!
    We are all ready to leave the next morning and someone checks the weather forcast. Not good. So, we stay with Ted and Diane 3 more nights.Now if you are going to get stranded somewhere, Diane's is the place to be. She has an amazing sewing studio behind her house and I just happened to have my sewing machine with me.I also had a bottle of wine and we soon discovered wine and sewing are not a good combination. When sewing under the influence a seam ripper is your best friend. We did talk and laugh. The wine only had a positive effect on that.
    We arrived at home on Thursday evening to find everything covered in ice. Why did we leave Florida? Oh yea, I was homesick! Someone should have told me to get over myself.

   We had a wonderful vacation, my mother-in-law got to go to Florida for her 88th birthday, and we got home safely. There's no place like home even if it is covered with ice!


  1. OMG... look at you Miss Photographer! These are absolutely wonderful shots! I am in love with that fisherman! You captured such a great moment there. Makes me think of my Grandpa :) Glad you're home I missed your face and our chats! Love You!

  2. Hey Robin, So glad to see your pics. I was starting to get worried! Where's Robin???? See you at Button Club on Monday!