Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photographer Extraordinaire

No, not me! My amazing daughter-in-law and her magnificent assistant, my son, have started their own photography business. I knew that they were good but I didn't know just how good. That is until I watched as they did a fashion shoot. Wow! I mean WOW! Crystal was in her zone! She was shooting the most amazing shots.

It didn't hurt that she was shooting the most gorgeous model, Laura.

To see the photos that Crystal took of Laura and many other amazing photos visit their website at http://www.sevensphoto.com/.  Crystal has a knack for catching the personality of a child like no other!
Click on her blog and check out the picture of the curly haired cutie. Don't forget to leave her a comment. We all love us some comments! Be sure and click on fashion in her gallery to see more of Laura.
Happy hunting!  ~Robin~


  1. YAY I love this and you so much! These photos are awesome by the way maybe I should watch my back lol! Thank you for being my biggest fan :-) love you!

  2. You have a wonderful room I will be back Laura Q