Monday, July 26, 2010

Button, button, who's got the buttons?

The trip to my parent's home is a 9 hour drive. That is not including pee breaks and coffee stops. We stop overnight in Florence Kentucky. We get an early start and arrive in Florence a little after noon. Mr. Wonderful deposits me at the Florence Antique Mall and heads for the golf course. The picture above is one of those finds that give you goose bumps! They had me at the string of buttons. Then I read the small verse, I looked around to see if anyone had caught me wiping my eyes. Whoo! That was close.

Gee! Did someone see me coming or what? The picture was priced at 29.99. There was a sign in the booth 30% off all items over $20. Score! I would have paid full price. I will have to rearrange the sewing room to get it hung but a girls got to do what a girls got to do!

I think the style of clothing is what drew my eye to this piece. The tag said "news print fashion ad". I saw the word button and couldn't resist. When I got home I noticed a signature and date, Ethel Hays, 1929. I did a little research and found that Ethel Hayes was an American syndicated cartoonist specializing in flapper-themed comic strips in the 1920s and 1950s. She became one of the country's most accomplished children's book illustrators.

What a talented artist!

This beautiful handpainted rose on an oval canvas was found at Dutch Valley Antiques in Knoxville, TN.
It came from the amazing booth #504 of Cindy Corum! Cindy has a knack for displaying her gorgeous treasures! We were on the way home when we came upon this Antique Store and the truck was quite full or I could have done some real damage in this booth! As Arnold says "I'll be back!"

I did find a spot for this treasure!

I found this sweet sign in my Mother's hoarding area garage. She didn't make me beg too long for it!

I had the empty frame hanging in my "Girlfriend's Cafe". Perfect spot, perfect name!

I tease my Mother that I get all my hoarding junking skills from her! She is The Queen! She had almost all of these buttons waiting for me! Can you believe? Mind boggling isn't it!

Let the sorting begin!

Lots of plastic and metal!

Don't you just love white buttons?

What a treasure hunt! Ohh how I love the vintage ones!


Bling Bling as my sweet granddaughters call them.

The cutest little plastic hats.

A curious find from Antiques and Accents in Corbin Kentucky. I think this is celluloid.

My Mother gave me this sweet bracelet! It has 12 blue glass buttons on it! Thanks Mom!  You talk about thrill of the hunt! I have overdosed! Don't tell anyone but I am going on the Lincoln Highway yard sale the 5th of August. It is a yearly event for my sister, sister-in-law and me. We laugh until we pee ourselves then we get a room and drink fuzzy navels! Good times! Happy hunting! ~Robin~


  1. I've been waiting to see what treasure you found. You hit the mother load....and alot of it from your mother. Maybe that's why they call it that! I am sure that is only part of your haul. Call me when your ready for show and tell! Love ya. Margi Mae

  2. I loooove what you did with the empty frame! Amazing as usual! I miss you by the way!

  3. I cannot believe all those buttons were waiting for you from your mother! How fun that you two share this obsession--I mean hobby!!!