Monday, July 5, 2010

A little Hanky Panky!

Have you been thinking about putting some of those hankies that you've been hoarding collecting to use? Here is a fun way to use some of those that are not perfect. How many you use will depend on the size of your dressform. For my girl I used 54 stained and torn hankies.

I am very happy with the way she turned out. I must tell you this was my second try. The first time I didn't make her a slip and the dressform fabric showed thru at the waist. This time I took 6 hankies, ironed them flat,then straight pinned them on the dressform.

Like this.

Then I chose 12 white hankies,ironed them flat,then pinched the center and pinned them about 1 inch from the bottom.

This is what she looks like with the first row on.

I used print hankies for the next row, spacing them between the white hankies. There are a total of 4 rows.

I then chose a hanky for the top of her dress, folded it point to point and pinned from underneath.
Attach the back one first then the front.

Add ribbon for a belt, stick in a little posy and give her a necklace. Voila! That's what I call Hanky Panky! Happy hunting! ~Robin!


  1. She is hank-a-licious! I crack me up! I found the cutest childs hanky at a garage have to see it and tell me if its worth $50.00. I also just got a package from it. I was worried it wouldn't be as cute in is way says "If we were meant to pop out of bed..we should sleep in a toaster!" and it has cute coffee cups and toasters on it...can't wait to make it into an apron.

  2. She looks amazing! I'm in love with the necklace! Also, you should know your daughter-in-law that sews is almost finished with a super cute Gaga inspired skirt that I made all by myself!

  3. I enjoyed your studio tour...what I love most is your Hanky Panky design. Totally worthy of the Project Runway catwalk!