Friday, March 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

This amazing picture was shot by my wonderful daughter-in-law, Crystal. This past week, Forbes magazine ran an article on the company that my son works for and they used Crystal's photos! Wow! I am impressed! You can see more of her amazing work here:  be sure to click on her blog.

Last Thursday Gigi and I went to Columbus to celebrate her birthday. We shopped at our favorite stores on 23, then went to Polaris looking for good food. Omgoodness, did we find it! Smokey Bones, need I say more. No, but I will.

Yummy breadsticks with dipping sauces;

We ate it all but one breadstick! So good.

I found the perfect gift for such a wonderful friend at Home Goods. We love that store!

What the Heehaw? Did you guess fabric? Yep! My ever so smart sister-in-law Janie came up with a brilliant way to store fabric. She cut off hanging files, folded fabric over each half and boom; the perfect solution to a growing addiction ,problem stash. She and two of her sisters used file cabinets. I didn't have a file cabinet and it has been too cold to dumpster dive so I decided to go with these stackable hanging files. I like that they are portable .

I was able to get 30 pieces of fabric in each one.

This makes it so much easier to match fabrics.

Did I mention that I found them on Clarance clearance at Targee'?

Now on a much more important note: My ever so sweet Daddy is having surgery , Monday morning in Ashville N. Carolina. We will be leaving on Sunday to meet him at the hospital. Please pray that everything turns out ok! Oh, how I love this man!


  1. Looks like you had fun in Columbus. Good job on the filing bins. I just love my fabric files. Diana and I put them to the test today. We were able to go through her stash and select 8 fabrics for a quiclt project in less than 30 minutes and there was no chaotic mess to clean up when we were done. Good Luck to your Dad, have a safe trip and let us know how things go.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Looks like Ginny had a great birthday... shopping + food + drinks + friends = awesome time! We're coming to see you tomorrow before you leave for NC and as always send love and prayers for one of the best papaw's I know!

  3. Prayers and good wishes for your pop...have a safe trip....lov ya's

  4. Okay Mom you need to help me get my fabric organized now! Tell Papaw I love him and am praying for him!

  5. Hope things go well on Monday for your Dad. Stop by and say hey! on your way home!