Sunday, May 23, 2010

WICKED! Birthday month part 1

May is my birthday month! Whoo! It is official. I am a brat! I am a good brat. My family and friends spoil me rotten. I am going to WICKED! YIPPEE! With 7 of my favorite people. All four of my children are going! What a treat! My sweet daughter-in-law and son gave me the ticket and made all the arrangements so that everyone could go. SWEET!
My sister-in-law, Margi, gave me these wonderful gifts.
Our dear friends, Ginny and Reid, sent me this gorgeous basket of flowers.

My Mr.Wonderful gave me my favorite perfume.
My friend Gayla sent me the beautiful necklace and earrings. A friend of her's made them!
Can you guess what these pictures are?
No! Not my pupils after all these wonderful gifts!

Yes! The most wonderful kaliedoscope from the most wonderful Husband in the whole world! He found it at my favorite Antique mall in Lancaster while we were on my birthday trip. Yes, I am one wicked brat!
I have the most wonderful, loving, giving and caring friends and family! Did I mention how much fun we have when we are together? This is only part one of my birthday month, more to come when my hand quits cramping! Happy Hunting! ~Robin~

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother of Pearl Buttons

Winnifred presented a very informative program on Mother of Pearl buttons at this months button study.
These are two types of shells that buttons would have been cut from.
This is a shell after the buttons have been cut from it.

Here we have carved and pierced Mother of Pearl buttons.

These  MOP buttons are embellished with metal.
Dyed MOP buttons

This is a carved MOP belt buckle. Winnefred had a gorgeous collection of MOP buttons, and as always was a fountain of information. 91 years young and a delight to have in our group. Thank you ,Winnefred!

A Rebus using buttons

For those of you following our little bird family, the babies have left the nest!  Mr. Wonderful and I have empty nest syndrome! We miss the little bundles of feathers but we can have our coffee on the front porch now. Happy hunting! ~Robin~

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My daughter that sews!

Ashley wasn't able to come home for Mother's Day. She had a floor reset at work and whoever scheduled that must not be a mother or have one! Anyway, she came home the week-end before and we spent two days sewing. Yes, I have a daughter that sews! I also have a daughter-in- law that sews. I am sure it is just a matter of time  before the other two girls jump on board the sewing wagon.

Ashley designs clothes. Right now her big girl job is dressing mannequins. Lucky girl. We may have talked more than we sewed, I love catching up with whats going on with her. She is crazy   funny and has good
taste in music.
I can't show you yet what she was working on but I will very soon. Check back. I worked  on a cute tote. I can't decide if I should keep  it or put it on Etsy.

That's me, rockin' it old school! I am pretty sure this will be the tote I use on the Lincoln Highway Yard Sale this year. Happy Hunting! ~Robin~

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The cutest baby birds!

Oh how quickly they grow! They don't stay babies long. Birds that is. These babies are changing every day.

These little ones are looking pretty crowded. They are waiting to be fed!
I love having them as guests on our front porch but Mr. Wonderful and I miss having our coffee out there. I know they will be grown before we know it. Happy Hunting! ~Robin~