Thursday, April 29, 2010

Officer Brian Evans

This is my dear daughter-in-law's uncle. Please pray for comfort and healing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Return visitor

On April 13th I noticed an old friend's return. Her name is Robin also. She loves to fluff her nest, just like me!
Her nest is here in my spring wreath. She built it last year and when she was finished with it I hung it in the garage. She moved back in and did a little fluffing.On April 15th this is what I found.
Today these little nearly naked babies arrived. They are so adorable! Momma was out hunting worms when I took this picture. I will keep you posted on their progress. Happy hunting! ~Robin~

Monday, April 26, 2010

Elizabethtown Kentucky or E'town as the locals call it!

I may be responsible for the headlines in the E'town newspaper; E'town on the rebound! The city has seen some recuperation in the retail sector. I certainly did my part. Tuesday Mornings,Kirklands,TJmaxx,Goodwill, Hancock Fabrics and Pier One! Yes, I did my part!
Why Elizabethtown you ask? Golf resort! Happy Mr. Wonderful and his brother. 144 holes of golf in 4 days. What these two will endure to not have to shop!
My ever so patient and sweet sister-in-law bought me this gorgeous box. We both have a thing for boxes.  She let me pick an early birthday present!
This box came from Tuesday Mornings also.
I found this tray with germany backmark at the Goodwill. The blue Spode plate came from the Goodwill also.
I found this candle holder at Kirkland's along with the teacup fountain.
These signs I am not sure where I found.
The Lefton pitcher and bowl and the piece of gingerbreading came from an antique mall in Florence Kentucky.
Now to find a place for all my treasures! More about our getaway later . Happy hunting! ~Robin~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ohio Button Show

Mr. Wonderful took me to the Ohio Spring Button Show. What a man! I  found  some treasures and saw many exquisite buttons. Here are a few of my treasures;
Fanny  Lily Gipsy Davenport was an English-born American stage actress debuting in 1862. I found 3 different size buttons depicting her.
Beautiful modern glass buttons

I was very excited to find Millicent Safro of Tender Buttons at the Ohio show. Tender Buttons is one of my bucket list destinations. Hopefully this is the year! You can visit here; .
Our dear Winnefred at her very first button show! I hope you have something that you are as passion about as Winnefred and I are about buttons. Happy hunting! ~Robin~

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some thrills of the hunt

These are some of the treasures I found on the weekend roadtrip.
A wonderful blue hobnail basket.Who can resist handpainted roses? Not I.Someone has amassed some hands. Mr. Wonderful insisted that I needed these! I have more than a few in white but none this color. He knows his sister collects jadeite and " Granny Stellee" will probably end up giving them to her.What do you think Margi?Can you quess what this is? A cigarette holder. Yes! Mr. Wonderful collects smoking items so there may be some debate over who gets this baby. I think it would make the cutest pencil holder.
This sweet little creamer matches two other pieces that I picked up at thrift stores.
This amazing birds nest was found at The Urban Farmhouse. Anything that has to do with birds comes home with Robin.A cute little bird feeder from Polly's booth. You can bet that it will soon be holding robin egg blue buttons.
This is the birdcage stand I found at The Urban Farmhouse. There was a birdcage with it but I had already fufued this one and it fit.This birdcage and stand was already in the other window of the back of our nest. So you see I just had to have one for the other window.Right? A pretty Avon perfumed talc can, Avon matching jewelry, childs' hanky and bingo cards. BINGO!Two beautiful hankies with leaves.Just a few of the buttons that I found on this trip. So many buttons so little time.
This is the last piece I have to show you. What is it you ask?  A wine and glass holder? A condiment or salad dressing caddy? Only time will tell. The wheels are grinding   turning. Someone said it was a croquet stand. Who knows? This also came from Pollys' booth at the Olde shoe factory. Visit Polly's blog . ~Happy hunting~ Robin

Monday, April 5, 2010

A weekend road trip

Mr. Wonderful and I took off for Lancaster, Ohio on Friday morning. We stopped in Sunbury at Valentine's antique store and learned that they will be closing. They will still sell on line and have auctions once a month. I was sorry to hear this. I have enjoyed treasure hunting there. Mr. Wonderful played golf while I shopped. We then headed on to Lancaster.
 This is my favorite antique mall in Ohio! Not so large that I go blind but a good selection of treasures. The prices are awesome. Saturday the majority of the booths were having a one day sale. Score!
These pictures are from my favorite booth.
This is the delightful young lady that my favorite booth belongs to; Polly. Her booth has a very french cottage style. Polly gave us directions to the Urban Farmhouse. WOW! I wanted it all. I settled for a sweet bird cage and stand , the most delicious smelling verbena flower soap, and a beautiful bird's nest. As if that wasn't enough, Polly suggested Billy Cricket's for dinner. Now my favorite Restaurant is in the same town as my favorite antique mall. How convenient! There is also a TJ maxx. Sweet!The food was the best! Creme Brulee prepared perfectly. The perfect desert for a perfect day!  I will share some of my finds later in the week.~ Happy Hunting~ Robin

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hand carved mallard drake

Mr. Wonderful is also Mr. Talented. He spent about 120 hours carving this magnificent duck.
It is a mallard drake carved from black walnut. Carving is one of Mr. Wonderful's favorite winter hobbies. When he can't golf he can carve.

He free hand wood burns all the detail after about 30 hours of sanding.

Mr. Wonderful has carved about 135 birds. Every new one is my favorite. I love the beautiful grain of the wood and the detailed wood burning. The feathers look like they would move if you blew on them.

I love Mr. Wonderful and I am amazed at his talent. Happy hunting Robin
P.S. These beautiful photographs were made by my "favorite" brother-in law, Larry Oliver. Thank you, Larry.