Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ohio Button Show

Mr. Wonderful took me to the Ohio Spring Button Show. What a man! I  found  some treasures and saw many exquisite buttons. Here are a few of my treasures;
Fanny  Lily Gipsy Davenport was an English-born American stage actress debuting in 1862. I found 3 different size buttons depicting her.
Beautiful modern glass buttons

I was very excited to find Millicent Safro of Tender Buttons at the Ohio show. Tender Buttons is one of my bucket list destinations. Hopefully this is the year! You can visit here; .
Our dear Winnefred at her very first button show! I hope you have something that you are as passion about as Winnefred and I are about buttons. Happy hunting! ~Robin~

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  1. I didn't eve know there were button shows...looks like you found some treasures!THANK you so much for stopping by my place and leaving sweet words of encouragement!