Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother of Pearl Buttons

Winnifred presented a very informative program on Mother of Pearl buttons at this months button study.
These are two types of shells that buttons would have been cut from.
This is a shell after the buttons have been cut from it.

Here we have carved and pierced Mother of Pearl buttons.

These  MOP buttons are embellished with metal.
Dyed MOP buttons

This is a carved MOP belt buckle. Winnefred had a gorgeous collection of MOP buttons, and as always was a fountain of information. 91 years young and a delight to have in our group. Thank you ,Winnefred!

A Rebus using buttons

For those of you following our little bird family, the babies have left the nest!  Mr. Wonderful and I have empty nest syndrome! We miss the little bundles of feathers but we can have our coffee on the front porch now. Happy hunting! ~Robin~

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