Sunday, May 23, 2010

WICKED! Birthday month part 1

May is my birthday month! Whoo! It is official. I am a brat! I am a good brat. My family and friends spoil me rotten. I am going to WICKED! YIPPEE! With 7 of my favorite people. All four of my children are going! What a treat! My sweet daughter-in-law and son gave me the ticket and made all the arrangements so that everyone could go. SWEET!
My sister-in-law, Margi, gave me these wonderful gifts.
Our dear friends, Ginny and Reid, sent me this gorgeous basket of flowers.

My Mr.Wonderful gave me my favorite perfume.
My friend Gayla sent me the beautiful necklace and earrings. A friend of her's made them!
Can you guess what these pictures are?
No! Not my pupils after all these wonderful gifts!

Yes! The most wonderful kaliedoscope from the most wonderful Husband in the whole world! He found it at my favorite Antique mall in Lancaster while we were on my birthday trip. Yes, I am one wicked brat!
I have the most wonderful, loving, giving and caring friends and family! Did I mention how much fun we have when we are together? This is only part one of my birthday month, more to come when my hand quits cramping! Happy Hunting! ~Robin~


  1. I told you our gift would make people green with envy!!

  2. P.S. the kaliedoscope pics are very cool!