Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My daughter that sews!

Ashley wasn't able to come home for Mother's Day. She had a floor reset at work and whoever scheduled that must not be a mother or have one! Anyway, she came home the week-end before and we spent two days sewing. Yes, I have a daughter that sews! I also have a daughter-in- law that sews. I am sure it is just a matter of time  before the other two girls jump on board the sewing wagon.

Ashley designs clothes. Right now her big girl job is dressing mannequins. Lucky girl. We may have talked more than we sewed, I love catching up with whats going on with her. She is crazy   funny and has good
taste in music.
I can't show you yet what she was working on but I will very soon. Check back. I worked  on a cute tote. I can't decide if I should keep  it or put it on Etsy.

That's me, rockin' it old school! I am pretty sure this will be the tote I use on the Lincoln Highway Yard Sale this year. Happy Hunting! ~Robin~


  1. Very cute tote. I am so bummed I can't make the Lincoln hwy sale this year. I hope I don't lose my spot for next year!

  2. I love sewing with my mommy who sews!

  3. your daughter-in-law that sews still needs supervision while doing it lol! I do have some amazing fabric and a great idea if I could find the time to replace my Nikon with my Singer!