Tuesday, March 15, 2011

North Carolina and back!

Mr. Wonderful and I made a trip to North Carolina last week. My sweet, sweet father had a mass removed from his chest on Monday. He is recovering wonderfully and we found out today that it was not cancer! Thank each of you for your prayers and well wishes!

We left Ohio on Sunday with a little snow on the ground.When we were almost to Ashville on Rt. 40 the views were breathtaking. Snow in the mountains!

The roads were dry but the mountains were white!

This is what it looked like at the top of the mountain.

There were daffodils blooming in the snow.

I can't tell you how happy I was to see any sign of spring!

I love the majestic mountains. The view changes everyday.

Wonderful homes tucked in the mountainside that you don't see when the leaves are on the trees.

I must tell you that I found my heaven! A sweet, oh so sweet, quilt shop in Franklin, N. C..
This is the eye candy that first set my heart a flutter! I can't resist a rose! This quilt was featured on pg. 38 of the Fall/Winter issue of Quilt Sampler. You could order the kit on line. I was told that they sold hundreds of kits, all cut in the store by the most creative women I ever layed eyes on!

There was no one in sight when I first walked in,so no one saw me do the "happy dance" except my mom. My heart raced and I didn't know what to look at first. The most gorgeous fabrics that I ever did see, and the most beautiful, creative vignettes with special little eye candy everywhere!

Jadeite colors, vintage linen aprons and a child's sewing machine, Oh My!

Colorful quilts hanging from the ceiling;



And to die for!                                             
                                                                                                                                                                                   If you are ever anywhere near Franklin, N. C. you must stop and experience this precious  shop for yourself. Tell Maxine that Robin sent you, and be sure to read the article in Quilt Sampler.                
Visit A Stitch in Time at 23 Macon Center Dr., Franklin, N.C. 28734; astitchintimenc.com.  Later this week I will show you the fabric and pattern that I brought home with me. Be prepared to drool! Happy Hunting!   ~Robin~ 


  1. I am jadeite green with envy. I don't suppose this little jewel is on the way to Charlotte is it?

  2. Hi Robin! Thank you for the lovely pictures and kind words! We have the same heart for roses and flowers...come visit often; we enjoyed getting to know you!

  3. ps...so glad to hear the good news about your Father. God is so good!

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