Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Button,button, who's got the buttons?

This is a picture of one of my favorite buttons. It is a lacy glass button given to me by a dear friend. Thank you Gayla!
This card holds red glass buttons. Glass buttons have always been my favorite buttons!

My mother gave me this picture frame room divider. Mr. Wonderful painted it and cut mat board for me. I have mounted a few of my "favorites" here.

A Kate Greenaway button is another of my favorites. Kate Greenaway was born in 1846 and died in 1901. She is perhaps the best known of the great Victorian children's illustrators and painters. In 1955 the British Library Association established The Kate Greenaway Medal for the most distinguished work in the illustration of children's books.

The top button is metal with faceted steel pieces which are individually riveted in place.

The bottom two are Kate Greenaway buttons.

More glass buttons.

More glass buttons!

Black glass buttons mounted on vintage bingo cards.

Clear glass buttons.

Monday my dear button friend, Roberta ,came over for a button play day. We shared stories and buttons! I somehow managed to mount 432 buttons on cards. That brings my mounted total to (drumroll please) 13,433. Ridiculous! Ridiculous I say! Did I mention we had the most delicious pineapple pie that Mr. Wonderful's mother brought on Sunday? Yummy! Happy hunting! Robin

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  1. You crazy lady! I love the colored bingo cards. The pineapple pie was delicious...Mom brought us one too. Have a wonderful Easter if I don't see ya before then. Hugs.