Monday, March 22, 2010

A new baby! YEA!

Sunday Crystal had a baby shower for my niece Tiffany and her precious little Jayce. I made a few decorations from tissue paper and scrapbook paper.

The banner will be hanging in his nursery at home.

My daughter-in-law Crystal made this adorable tricycle party favor. Love IT!

Soo cute!

Now for the main attraction; Jayce. He was beyond adorable. So darn cute. We cuddled and passed him all day! I must admit I had him a little more than my share. What can I say? He was the best baby.

Sorry about the red eye. I was in such a hurry to post the pictures I forgot to fix it.

He has beautiful blue eyes.

OH, how I love a baby sleeping with his butt sticking up!

Too cute!

My son, Shannon talking to Jayce. We had a wonderful time oohing and awwing over him. We don't get to see Tiffany and her family often because they live in Tennessee. What a wonderful visit! What a wonderful baby! Happy hunting. Aunt Robin

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