Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where did last week go?

What happened to last week? It is just a blur! I have an etsy shop, I sold an apron, button study, retired librarian's luncheon, on and on, blah blah blah! Oh yea, and a migraine! Did I mention Mr. Wonderful has Bronchitis?
He is on the mend! I may be beyond mending! On Friday I decided to do some spring cleaning. Now one of my sweet friends told me only old people spring clean. I'm officially old and have been all my life. Just an old soul. Anyway, this would be our island with nothing on it. Look close it doesn't happen often!

Mr. Wonderful built this island from a picture out of a magazine. Magazines strike fear in his heart because he knows where there is a magazine there are ideas. I love the book shelves on each end. More room for more treasures!

The silver is an accidental collection. I don't know how it happened officer! (maybe a picture in a magazine) OK My name is Robin and I am a magazinaholic. Romantic Homes and Victoria are my cocktail of choice. I need a 12 step program, an intervention and another issue!

So I cleaned off the island and decorated it for Easter. Mark that off my list.

Mr. Wonderful has a strong urge to bite the ears off of these bunnies!

Me too! I am off to the basement to destash! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Happy hunting! Robin

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  1. Hey girlie, thanks for the link to my etsy shop. I was able to add a link to your shop in my shop announcements. I had to go to the forums to ask how. I had to add the http:// so that it would take you to your shop by just clicking the link. I also ask why you couldn't click on your blog link and someone said only etsy links are clickable. they don't want you leaving etsy to read a blog, they want you to keep shoppin' it up. Talk to ya soon.