Saturday, March 6, 2010

Road trip

Margi and I took an overnight road trip Thursday and Friday. We left Galion and headed southwest to Mt. Victory. We left our mark on a number of Antique stores in the area.
Pretty shoes to make into pincushions,

half dolls,

We then went northwest to Van Wert. It was there that I found 26 National button bulletins dating back to 1950. The National Button society was started in 1938. I paid less than a dollar each for the bulletins.

The articles in the bulletins are very interesting to this button floozy!

I found a silverplated pitcher for Mr. Wonderful to polish. He is the official silver polisher.

This is a childs vintage apron. Roses, couldn't resist!

This apron was made for an older child. It will fit My Morgan.

I love the back of this apron and will use it as a pattern.

I couldn't resist the cover of this small book. Perfect for an altered art project. The book was written in 1895. There are wonderful illustrations inside.

I read a lot about Helen Keller when I was a child. I was amazed and amused by her! This book she wrote in 1903.
After Van Wert we backtracked to Lima and spent the night. There is a Hobby Lobby, Joann fabrics, scrapbooking store and TJMaxx in the same strip mall. I ain't lyin! For real. I kid you not. We had a late dinner at Applebees and headed to the room to watch Idol and read button bulletins. I know you wish you were me right now, don't you?
The next morning we found the GW then headed toFindlay to Jeffrey's antique gallery. That place kicked my PYQ! You need 2 days, a power nap and lots of carbs to see all there is to see! We left there and headed for Bettsville. A fabric store called the Door Mouse was there.

I scream, you scream, we'll all scream for ice cream! Oh! The delicious apron I will make from this.

This fabric begged to come home with me.

Too cute!

My Favorite in the whole world was this! Buttons! Do you believe your eyes! SWEET!

Panels to match. You don't say! I did the happy dance right there in the Door Mouse. Yep. I did.

That takes some doing because there is hardly room to move in that place. Fabric everywhere!

Margi and I both were in a fabric coma by then so we headed home! Exhausted I say! That shopping will kill you. Happy hunting! Robin

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  1. Oh Robin, I can't believe that button fabric!!!! Wow, did you hit the jackpot! You didn't get a manufacturer's name did you? The other fabric is just beautiful too. Too cool.