Saturday, February 6, 2010

It snowed and it blowed, and it snowed and it blowed some more. This was the scene from the family room outback. Soooo pretty!
Here is the bird cage on the front porch. Good thing it was unoccupied.

Margi, my sister-in-law and partner in crime, and I had a play date yesterday. She carded buttons to use on a decorative bird cage over her fireplace. I think the button bug may have bitten her.

We both decoupaged large clothespins. She made a magnet for the refrigerator and mine is a note clip. I have been known to lose a note or two.

Like I need to be reminded to sew!

I also worked on a valentines banner. It matches my sewing room so well I may leave it up .

I used scrapbook paper, crepe paper and of course buttons. Sweet!

After Margi left I decoupaged a heart box to match the banner. My Mr. Wonderful said I foofooed it. Poor guy, I've ruined him! Off to dance the night away with Phil Dirt and The Dozers. Happy hunting! Robin


  1. The bird cage covered in snow is beautiful, you should frame that one! The valentine box looks awesome, too. You rock!
    Your partner in crime,

  2. I agree with Margi! The photo is amazing!