Friday, February 5, 2010

Yesterday my dear friend Gigi and I headed out to the Goodwill. We scored big time. I found this beautiful tank.
The back is stunning.

Tallulah was so happy to be modeling something besides aprons. She was even happier when I transported her to the family room for her photo shoot. Project runway, lookout! We both love anything french. I still can't believe that I found this wonderful top!

The skirt I bought to make into aprons, but we won't tell Tallulah. She will be heart broken.

This is just a fun tank and a coverup. At our age coverups are good. Now for my favorite find!

The most comfortable gardening shoes in three colors and only $3.29 a pair. Come on spring!
Now you know what I mean by thrill of the hunt. As Gigi was leaving we had a short conversation about hoarding. Who us? Never! Happy hunting, Robin

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