Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yo Yos

If you ever hear that I have been commited; this is why. Yo yos. Yes, little circles of fabric. My first daughter, Crystal will be the one to sign the papers. Quite often she calls and asks me what I'm doing. My response is; sewing yo yos. The fact that I have boxes of the little fabric circles stored away doesn't help my case. Yes, they are sorted by color. So what!
This is a jar of sewn yo yos waiting for a project.

What a fun way to use fabric scraps.

This is three of the pillows that I have made from yo yos. I remember my grandmother had one when I was a little girl.

I love the two shades of pink in this coverlet. The texture of the yo yos are very eye pleasing.

They are whimsical and they pop.(as they would say on hgtv)

This is the first coverlet that I made about 8 years ago.

If you sew over 1000 yo yos together, this is what you get. This coverlet would fit a full bed. Done in my favorite colors.

As you see the evidence is mounting. I wonder if they allow sharp objects where I will be going? I hope

Mr. Wonderful and his John Deere got to move a lot of snow this week. We are running out of places to put it. Enough already.Please......... Happy hunting! Robin


  1. that yo yo quilt is amazing you go girl

  2. Look at your photography skills! You don't even need me!