Sunday, February 21, 2010

A show of hands

More treasures from my trip to the GW on friday. Smalls as they call the good junk was half price, and she scores again!
The two hands in the back were marked 50 cents. yes, you heard me right. Where will I put the hands you ask?

Here with all the other hands, of course, in this awesome desk we found at an auction.

Just a little scary?! One of those collections that got out of hand. LOL

The hands holding the box in the middle is a cigarette holder. There is an ashtray to match somewhere.

The sad thing is this is not all the hands, there are more in the sewing room.

I am a woman of excess, and Mr. Wonderful is my enabler. Happy hunting! Robin

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  1. Yes, she scores again! Let me give you a "hand"...LOL. I see that you posted this at 305am. Can that be correct? Could it be we have too many creative ideas floating around in our heads that we can't, not us!