Monday, February 8, 2010

Winifred brought this amazing quilt to button study today. It takes my breath away! There are 25 different hankies, she quilted each one and edged the quilt with beautiful white eyelet. Winifred celebrated her ninety first birthday last month. She is wise beyond her years and a delightful addition to our button study! I will be counting my valentine hankies later tonight. I have been inspired.
Our dear Roberta did the program on china stencils. She has hers so organized. Remember that I said there were over 60 patterns. there are also multiple sizes and colors of each pattern. That is a whole lot of collecting!

I combined buttons to look like candy for a valentines treat for each lady. The "doggone" cute valentines came from TJ Maxx. I bet you are wandering what happened to all the candy from those boxes. I will never tell! Happy hunting! Robin

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